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2013 Review for SentryPC Software
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SentryPC Software Review 2013

Control, Restrict & Monitor PC Access with SentryPC

Latest Review of SentryPC Software

For $40, SentryPC gives full control over who uses your PC and when. Not only can you block undesirable Web sites, you can even stifle online chatting, objectionable words and phrases, unwelcome applications, and more.

SentryPC is a great program that allows you to do whatever you need as far as monitoring and filtering. This program is customizable enough that it will allow you to adjust to each family member need.


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Software Features

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Description - Offers computer time management for each family member. Extensive customizability for filtering including by program and keystrokes. Monitors keystrokes, applications and chats.

SentryPC allowed us to specify the hours and days when the computer and/or specific applications may be used, or limit the number of hours a program can be open each week. SentryPC also provided us with a log of online chats, sites visited, words typed, applications used, and so on. The trial version runs for only an hour at a time, but at least you can try its features before buying.

SentryPC offers time management for each family member. In order to accomplish this you must have each family member have their own account on the computer. You can set computer usage by the time and day of the week or by a weekly total of hours they are allowed to use.


SentryPC gave us the option to be set to stealth mode, this is where users of the computer will not know they are being monitored.

SentryPC has extensive filtering capabilities including the ability to allow or disallow programs usage, chat, keystrokes, and Web site usage. Although this program does not attempt to filter pornography from accidentally appearing on the screen, if you monitor activity you will be able to tell that what your child has seen so you can talk with them about it.


- Customizable

- Can be hidden from the users of the computer (or not)

- Inexpensive for all the features

- Adjustable speed for older, slower computers.


- Requires multiple computer accounts in order to work

- does not filter pornography from appearing on the computer.


Monitoring is where SentryPC really shines. It will record all keystrokes that are typed by each user, maintain a record of what windows were open, applications that were executed, Web sites that were visited and record everything said in Instant messaging.


SentryPC is a great all-around Internet safety program for families. It offers several components that will allow you to customize it for each member of your family whether they are just going online for the first time or are Internet addicted teenagers.

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George La Rosa
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Control, Restrict & Monitor PC Access with SentryPC

SentryPC Parental Utilities

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