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SentryPC Plus Edition - 2012 New!

NEW! Complete Remote Monitoring & Parental Control Software!


What if you could keep tabs on what your child is doing on your computer at any time, from any location, in real-time?

Now you can with SentryPC Plus!

SentryPC Plus allows you to access SentryPC's activity logs in real-time through our secure website, allowing you to see everything that is happening on your computer - from screenshots and keystrokes, to website usage and behavior alerts, as they happen. Put your mind at ease by being able to keep track of what is happening from any device with a web-browser, today!


SentryPC PLUS Edition introduces a brand new feature never before seen with parental control or access control software - remote online 24/7 real-time log and alert viewing!

Mom's Top Choice

SentryPC PLUS Edition allows you to control, restrict and monitor access and usage of your PC. You can control how long and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block access to certain web sites, restrict access to Windows functions and more. In addition to access control, the program can also record all activities, including keystrokes, web site visits, applications ran, chats and more. Perfect for parents wanting to protect their children, or employers wanting to control employee activities.


• Complete Time Management
• Daily & Weekly Time Limits
• Application Filtering & Scheduling
• Website Filtering & Scheduling
• Chat Filtering
• Keystroke Phrase Filtering
• Easy-to-Read Activity Reports
• Top 10 Activity Reports (most active)
• Powerful Security Features

• Logs Keystrokes Typed
• Logs Application Usage
• Logs Website Visits
• Logs Online Searches
• Logs Chat Conversations
• Logs Windows Viewed
• Record Screen shots
• Receive Activity Logs via Email
• Stops Unwanted Computer Usage


Works on Windows 200x, XP, Vista
& even the new Windows 7!

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Complete 24/7 Remote Monitoring &
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24/7 Real-Time Monitoring Features

With SentryPC PLUS Edition, now you can view the activities recorded from anywhere whether you are in another room, across town, or on the other side of the country by simply logging into your ONLINE control panel and viewing all reports SentryPC has created for you!  There is no need to have physical access to the computer to view its reports!

  • 24/7 Real-time Online Log and Alert Viewing
    With SentryPC PLUS you can now connect to your secure online web account to view activity logs and behavior alerts from anywhere in the world from any device with a web-browser!

    SentryPC PLUS supports the following additional features online and in real-time via your online account :
  • Visual Desktop Screen shots
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Website Usage
  • Triggered Behavior and Activity Alerts
  • Real-time Events as they occur
  • Program Usage
  • Windows Interacted With


Computer Time Management

Probably the most important feature of SentryPC is its time management.  Every program, game, website, etc is at your disposal for time management settings.  This means you can specify what hours on what days of the week the user can access and use your selection.  You also have the ability to enter a 'weekly allowance' which, when the total time you enter for the selection has been used for that week, the user no longer has access until the following week.

  • Time Management Main - [view screen shot]
    You have the ability to block computer usage completely during the hours you specify for each day of the week.  Included is the ability to specify a total weekly allowance of computer usage which when reached will block access until restored by you or the next week begins.  You may also set daily limits as well.

  • Temporary Full Access
    If a user has been blocked access you have the option as the administrator to quickly and easily grant them full access.  This is useful if a user really does need access, but due to settings is being blocked for whatever reason.


Computer Content Filtering Features

An extensive filtering engine has been built into SentryPC.  You can essentially choose a daily schedule of 'allowable' times for virtually any program, game, website, or even the computer or Internet itself.  This lets you specify at what specific times they can be accessed by that specific user.  You can even enter a weekly 'total allowance' to prevent extensive use of certain activities over the course of the week - such as using Facebook, MySpace, or even playing a game.

  • Application Filtering - [view screen shot]
    Filter any application or game choosing what hours and days along with a total allowance for the week for each user.

  • Chat Filtering - [view screen shot]
    Block AOL, AIM, AIM Express, AOL Chat, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Excite, Trillian, GoogleTalk, Skype, Xfire, Mirc, and Odigo for each user.  Choose what hours and days along with a total allowance for the week.

  • Keystroke Filtering - [view screen shot]
    Enter specific words or phrases that cannot be entered by users.  For instance, enter your children's name, address, phone number, etc and whenever they are typed the window will be closed instantly.  This ensures confidential information cannot be shared with others through email, websites, etc.

    Through keystroke recording you will also be able to record MySpace, Facebook, and other social network activities such as chats, messages, emails, logins, and more.  Social networks are becoming a popular gathering for young individuals as well as internet predators.

  • Website Filtering - [view screen shot]
    Filter specific websites and choose what hours and days along with a total usage allowed or block all websites except those which you specify as allowed.

  • User Notification
    You have the option to alert the user that they were blocked by a popup stating so.

Computer Activity Monitoring Features

SentryPC also monitors and records important information for all users of the computer.  You will have easy to read reports of all keystrokes typed, windows opened, applications used, websites visited,  instant messages, and all chat conversations.  Each activity includes the time, date, and duration as well.  This is imperative for preventing harmful and/or unauthorized use of the computer and Internet and gives you details of EXACTLY what the users did while using the computer and Internet.

  • Keystroke Recording and Logging - [view screen shot]
    Record all keystrokes made by the user along with the application name they were typed in and when it occurred.

  • Events Timeline Recording and Logging - [view screen shot]
    Log all events users performed and view them in a chronologically ordered listing. The Events Timeline lets you view what the events the user performed, in the order they did them. Events logged include Program Starts/Stops, Website Visits, Filtering Events, Window Viewing's, and more.

  • Application Usage Recording and Logging - [view screen shot]
    Log every application a user runs, as well as how long they actually interact with each application so you can determine if a user is actually using a program they have open, or if it is just running in the background.

  • Chat Conversation Recording and Logging - [view screen shot]
    Log all AOL, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger chat conversations made by users of your computer.

  • Website Visit Recording and Logging - [view screen shot]
    Log all website visits and online searches performed by the popular browsers used today. All website visits are logged by website address, username, and duration of the site visit. SentryPC also logs how long users visit each website so you can easily see what websites are visited the longest. SentryPC supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Flock, and America Online.

  • Windows Logging
    Log the title of each window users interact with while using your computer. Application paths are logged with the window as well.

  • Screen shot Capturing and Logging
    SentryPC can take snapshots of your desktop at set intervals of time, allowing you to visually see what is happening. The screen shot capture manager also has a built in Slideshow viewer for easy viewing.

  • Email Log Delivery
    Have recorded activity logs emailed to your email address, along with a current desktop screen shot


Security Features

Security options are also included with SentryPC.  You can optionally choose to notify users they are being restricted/monitored by SentryPC as well.  YOU are the only one with access to the main program, settings, and logs.  It cannot be shutdown or tampered with in any way shape or form by others without access.

  • Optional Stealth Mode
    If desired, you can set SentryPC to run in a totally invisible fashion - it will not appear to the user in any way.

  • Log File Encryption
    All logs can be encrypted for additional protection.

  • Hide From Taskbar
    Choose whether or not to show SentryPC in the Windows taskbar.

  • Optional Startup Message
    Choose whether to notify users that they are being controlled by SentryPC at startup.

  • Password Protected
    SentryPC is password protected so only the owner can access settings, logs, and more.

  • Windows Security Restrictions - [view screen shot]
    SentryPC can be configured for each user to disable the Windows desktop, mouse movement, start menu, taskbar, control panels, and much more.

Easy to Use!

SentryPC was created with ease of use in mind.  Our simple layout and interface will make using the program a snap for even novice computer users.  We include full support with the purchase of the program as well as our resources listed online through this site.  If for any reason you are having trouble installing or using SentryPC you can always contact our staff for assistance.

  • Intuitive Interface - [view screen shot]
    Easy to use, graphical user interface, with an easy access icon and menu system that allows you to quickly, and efficiently create and configure filtering and time management rules.

  • Easy-to-Read Settings and Activity Reports - [view screen shot]
    SentryPC has a large set of reports at your disposal. SentryPC's report generator can create Top 10 reports, log-specific reports, settings summaries, and overall usage summaries for viewing and printing.

  • Log Cross Referencing - [view screen shot]
    SentryPC's built-in cross-referencing features can link together relevant log data for easy and efficient log browsing.

  • Log Searching - [view screen shot]
    Quickly search all activity logs for specific keywords that may be contained in SentryPC's logs.

  • Configuration Wizard
    Quickly setup SentryPC with a guided installation wizard.


System Requirements

  • Windows 200x, XP, Vista, and the new Windows 7!
  • 2MB hard disk space


SentryPC Plus Screen Shots


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SentryPC Plus
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For Windows 200x, XP, Vista, and the new Windows 7!
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