PC Tattletale Software Review
2012 Review for PC Tattletale Software
Parental Control Software

2012 PC Tattletale Software Review

PC Tattletale Review

Latest Review of PC Tattletale Software

We tested PC Tattletale parental control and Internet monitoring software.

PC Tattletale new version 7.9.115 lowered system resource uses, added support for FireFox 1.5 and above, added support for AOL Triton IM, added discount upgrade option for users upgrading from another monitoring program, added support for monitoring.



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PC Tattletale Software Features

PC Tattletale has been around for quite some time now. It has been overtaken a bit by newer, better products but it's still solid Parental Control Software and it comes at an excellent price.

PC Tattletale covers the basics, with good monitoring of email, chat and web sites visited.

It also has a couple of advanced features too. It can block web sites by URL or by a keyword/phrase, which is a feature generally only seen in the more advanced software.

It also has a nifty screen shot facility. You can 'play back' the screen shots to give you a VCR-like view of what happened on the child's PC.

One nice thing is that the price includes a licence to run on two computers by default. This means it's very good value for money if you have a multi-PC household.

Feature set:
PC Tattletale automatically records every keystroke and every action taken on a computer, including instant messaging conversations, web site visits, and email messages.


PC Tattletale also records activities and applications that aren't related to Internet use, including word processors, databases, and games. If the computer is on, PC Tattletale is on the job.

PC Tattletale can operate in stealth mode, so even the most computer-savvy kids shouldn't be able to find a way around it. Once you install the program, it is virtually invisible. It doesn't appear in the Start menu, the system tray, the task list, or the Windows Programs folder.

If your children do manage to discover the program (or you've been honest and told them it's there), they will not be able to uninstall it without the administrator password.

PC Tattletale can capture screen shots, and note the date, time, and user when the screen shot was captured. The screen shots are saved to a hidden, password-protected directory. You can easily and quickly browse the screen shots using PC Tattletale's VCR-like play, fast forward, and rewind controls. A special cache purge feature helps prevent your hard drive from being overtaken by screen shots.


It can block specific URLs if you manually add them, and you can set it to block sites that contain certain keywords. If your children try to access a site that contains a tagged keyword, they will see a 404 Page Not Found error. The keyword blocker records the URL of every attempted web site for you to check later.

PC Tattletale Review Summary:
PC Tattletale is very easy to install and configure. It runs in stealth mode, so it's almost impossible for even a computer-savvy child to circumvent it. Monitor 2 PC's for $49.95? How can you go wrong.

George La Rosa
copyright © 2012

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PC Software Review

PC Tattletale Internet
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