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Net Nanny Review 2012

Net Nanny Review 2012

Net Nanny has been around for a long time and has built a loyal following. It is the most popular Internet filtering product in the marketplace. We tested Net Nanny Software. They have made some excellent strides in improving and stabilizing the product compared to the version that we tested earlier in the year.

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Feature set:
Net Nanny had as many or more features than the other competitors. One aspect that Net Nanny stands out in, is the ability to block online games, something the other competitors have not dealt with. The other feature that was interesting was the email filtering. Even though it is not an anti–Spam product, it does filter out objectionable content in an email while still allowing you to read the email without the filth.

Net Nanny 5.1 states that it blocks and filters Instant Messaging, but it didn't appear to work with all instant Messenger software in our tests. Net Nanny has chosen to open up its core filtering technology – Anyone can view the restricted and permitted URLs and URL wildcards. You can also add to or remove from these lists. Customization is also available for special words or phrases that you may want filtered.


Ease of use:
The Internet blocking function that Net Nanny has implemented works differently depending on how you are surfing the web. If you type in a URL, it displays an error message. If you are using a search engine and type in an objectionable word, it just omits the results, without a block message.

Ease of installation:
Beginning with the install, it took more time than anticipated to complete the installation and then to get it working properly. This is probably the product’s biggest weakness. Even though it is a little more time–consuming to get installed, it should not be a deterrent from using the product. It just takes a few additional steps for the setup



Filtering Effectiveness:
Net Nanny has improved the filtering effectiveness as well as how they handle the blocking functions and warning functions. The over blocking (websites that should not have been blocked) worked extremely well, with a few exceptions. The under blocking (websites that should have been blocked, but were not) works very well with the English web sites, but could still use a few improvements in the non–English environment. The overall filtering effectiveness had a good balance between blocking what it should and not blocking too much.

Overall, Net Nanny is a sound Internet filter. With its worldwide brand reputation, it makes a very good investment.

George La Rosa -

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