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Protect your kids and monitor Internet usage from anywhere.

KidsWatch parental control software is your fastest and easiest solution to safeguard your children's' Internet experience and maximize the efficiency of the time they spend on the computer. Now, you can set computer usage time limits, by child, ensuring homework is a priority to.

KidsWatch is much more than the best-rated time management solution. It is loaded and preloaded with many optional benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet your children see. Installing KidsWatch on your computer is customizing the Internet, by child, the way you want your kids to experience it.
  • Internet chats, including Instant messaging
  • YouTube, Facebook and Myspace Web Visits
  • Online Gaming and Gaming Software Downloads
  • Music Downloads

KidsWatch Parental Software Features include:

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KidsWatch Parental Software

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Computer Time Limits

We didn't only design KidsWatch to limit and manage the time your kids spend on the computer, we also designed it to easily install and not take any of your free time managing the software.

The Quick and Easy Solution to Creating Computer Schedules for Your Kids Finally, you have a way to setup and organize the time your kids will be on the computer. With KidsWatch Time Limit Control you can create custom schedules for each child in your family.

  • No fighting over computer time.
  • No secret late night computer sessions.
  • Separate homework time from play time.
  • Limit computer time abuses.
  • Set up daily or weekly time quotas and schedules.
  • Limit computer, Internet or program time.

And your settings are not etched in stone. You have the ability to give out unique passwords that can be used only once if you have to adjust a schedule on the fly. The program is simple to set up and easy to use. We designed it that way to manage our own kids computer time.

Monitor Chat Sessions

KidsWatcher supports Yahoo, AOL AIM, MSN, ICQ and Jabber.

In the very unlikely event your child is using another chat service, simply block access to that chat site and require them to use one of these popular chat clients.

Kids Do Not Realize the Internet is Public We teach our children to be safe on the internet but it is very easy to forget and a difficult lesson to learn. KidsWatch monitors hundreds of keywords, plus any keywords you want to add, that could potentially be harmful to your children, depending on their age:

  • Your address and home phone number.
  • Drugs, alcohol, sex, and other inappropriate words.
  • Plus keywords you want to add based on your own family safety protocols.


KidsWatch will send you an E-mail Alert when these keywords are used, along with the related content.

Consider this statistic from the Crimes Against Children Research Center:

"Almost one in five young Internet users receive unwanted sexual solicitations."

To us, that seems like a staggering number and you don't have to look further than reading your local newspaper to be aware just how frequently these situations can occur. Please review the sample KidsWatch Chat Report on the right, and see how you can be made aware of when parental guidance may be needed.

Block Web site Access

Block Visits to Unwanted Web sites KidsWatch has categorized thousands of web sites that are inappropriate for children. KidsWatch dynamic categorization engine will also read the contents of a web site before your child will ever see it. The technology dynamically determines if the content is appropriate for your child based on the categories you have selected. So if it is a new site, just posted yesterday, KidsWatch will still filter it's contents.

KidsWatch updates their filtering database on a daily basis which provides an immediate impact to your child's surfing, protecting them with every click of the mouse.

KidsWatch also block Internet access to known dangerous links that are considered phishing sites, meaning they try to steal your personal data. We provide you with over 60 categories of content to help you determine which content is appropriate for your child at a very granular level.


Add Your Own Blocked Web sites
KidsWatch supports sixty categories of content, so simply place a check mark to the left of the Adult category to block all Adult web sites.

In some cases you may want additional flexibility, for example you may want to block an entire category of content but allow access to one or two sites as exceptions or allow an entire category but block one or two problem sites. To address this need, KidsWatch allows you to add your own restricted sites or override the category restriction and allow some blocked sites.

These can include:

  • Facebook, MySpace or YouTube
  • Illegal Movie or Music Downloads
  • Inappropriate and/or Illegal File Sharing Sites
  • Dating Services

Block Content with KidsWatch

Safe web filtering is different from blocking Internet access in that your children can still be exposed to inappropriate materials without going to blocked web sites For example, you may allow your children to visit the Internet Movie Database web site to see movie reviews, at that site they create an account and are now exposed to adult dating advertisements. So this innocent web surfing results in exposure to inappropriate content.

KidsWatch filters and blocks all web content so this innocent web surfing experience will stay that way.

When your child is surfing the Internet your computer is constantly downloading files and rebuilding them on your computer. The beauty of the KidsWatch software is that it works right at the point of downloading, and through a complex list of programming rules, it removes the web content you don't want your kids to see.

Easy to Install
The screen shot to the right shows you just how easy it is to restrict unwanted web content in minutes. KidsWatch comes with the same parental control default settings we use for our own children's safety.

Settings by Child

Complete Web Filtering Software
Once user profiles are set, each child will log into the computer with a unique name and password. For children with restrictions, KidsWatch monitors their activities and takes action when necessary. For example, if you assigned your son to the Youngster category and he attempts to view mature content on the Internet, such as a site that sells weapons, KidsWatch will block the site from opening in his browser, and do this same thing for the thousands of possible combinations of settings that exist.


Create Unique Parental ControlKidsWatch Parental Software
Settings for Each of Your Kids. From the moment you download and install KidsWatch, you can use the default settings to start protecting your family in minutes. Of course, you can customize any of your children's settings.

Here is the default settings for kids:

Teens (14 to 18) Light Restrictions

  • 6 hours of computer use a day.
  • 25 hours of Internet use a week.
  • Blocked from accessing mature content.KidsWatch Screen Shot
Adolescents (11-13) Medium Restrictions
  • 4 hours of computer use a day.
  • 14 hours of Internet use a week.
  • Blocked from accessing mature content.
Youngsters (8-10) Moderate Restrictions
  • 3 hours of computer use a day.
  • 10 hours of Internet use a week.
  • Blocked from accessing mature content.
  • Blocked from Web-based messaging programs.
Children (7 and under) Heavy Restrictions
  • 2 hours of computer use a day.
  • 6 hours of Internet use a week.
  • Blocked from accessing most Internet sites.
  • Blocked from Web-based messaging programs

Receive E-MAIL Alerts from KidsWatch

Now you can be alerted immediately when your child steps outside the boundaries of safe surfing. KidsWatch will automatically send you e-mail alerts when your child enters a suspect phrase or keyword from any chat and instant message conversation.

For example, if your child is holding an instant messenger conversation and the keyword DRUGS is part of that conversation, an e-mail can be sent out to alert you. The email will include an excerpt from the chat conversation so you can see the whole meaning for how the word was used and our chat reports provide transcripts of the entire conversation.

The day you install KidsWatch from our Free Download section, you are immediately armed with 1,630 suspect words or phases, plus you can add as many of your keywords as you like. Our e-mail alert can also notify you when attempts are made to access blocked or restricted web sites

Predator Alert

Internet predators target children and many exploit children under the guise that they are their peers, and harmless "Internet Friends". As we read in the newspapers all too often, strangers met children online pretending they are actually teens or preteens. Would your child know the difference between a harmless friend and a dangerous Internet predator? These people are very good at appearing to be something other than what they really are.

Many of the KidsWatch features, such as Chat Monitoring and E-Mail Alert, will automatically and significantly reduce the risk of your child's exposure to Internet predators. Predator Watch is just another optional insurance plan for minimizing your risk:

  • See where registered sexual predators live and work around you.
  • Obtain their name, address, and view their photograph.
  • Sign up for e-mail alerts and receive notifications when a new registered sexual offender moves into your neighborhood

KidsWatch Reporting

For the most part, KidsWatch will handle all your parental control needs on its own. However, you can use the reporting feature in KidsWatch to review:

  • The web sites your children visit.
  • The programs they use.
  • The time and date they were active on the computer.
  • Online chat and instant message dialogs.

You can generate your own reports on demand or configure scheduled reports that you can receive over e-mail on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you are concerned that a child might be attempting to access a restricted web site, you can use the E-Mail Alerts feature to send you an instant e-mail if your child attempts to bypass your restrictions

Monitor MSN, My Space, Hotmail, Yahoo Chat's and Emails


KidsWatch Parental Software

KidsWatch Parental Software

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