KeyKatcher Magnum PS/2 Hardware Keylogger
Keylogger for PS/2 Keyboard - Undetectable by Anti Spyware
Parental Control Software

KeyKatcher Magnum PS/2 Hardware Keylogger

Small Keyboard Keylogger device for Parents that records
all Keystrokes! Installs in seconds!

KeyKatcher Magnum (4MB) Hardware Keyloggers is a tiny device that parents can connect in seconds to their keyboard and record all keystrokes typed. As the most friendly keylogger for parents, the KeyKatcher Magnum features time & date stamping which is ideal for when you need to know what happened on your computer - and when.

Simply connect the KeyKatcher Magnum between your
keyboard and computer and the recording begins!

Magnum's advanced features include:

:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Charts
:) 128 bit Encryption
:) NO SOFTWARE to install!

KEYKatcher True Hardware Keyloggers require absolutely no software! Beware of imitation keyloggers, while these keyloggers may look similar to KEYKatcher, many require you to install software in order to access stored data. KEYKatcher True Hardware Keyloggers DO NOT require you to install software. Don't be fooled, KEYKatcher Keyloggers are the True Hardware solution for parental computer monitoring.

Magnum Keyloggers are Loaded With These Powerful Features:

128-Bit EncryptionKeyKatcher Magnum
The KEYKatcher Magnum is serious about data security. It features 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for maximum security. The same data security that is commonly used for banking transactions keeps your data safe and secure.


Buy KeyKatcher
Magnum PS/2
Hardware Keylogger

Undetectable by Anti Spyware!

Keylogger for PS/2 Keyboard

No Longer Available
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KeyKatcher Magnum InstallTime/ Date Stamping
Parents will know when activities are taking place. KEYKatcher Magnum has built-in time/date stamping with an internal battery back-up. Accurate time is maintained even when the computer is turned off, or the device is unplugged.

Time of Use Charts - Parents can use our time charts which will show you at a glance when the computer is being used. Who was using your computer at 3 am on a Saturday morning? Was Joey at work last Friday? These questions and more are quickly answered with our convenient time of use charts.

4 Megabytes of Data Storage - The KEYKatcher Magnum can store almost 4.2 million keystrokes. This is over 2,500 pages of text.

Purple Plug & Play Installation - The KEYKatcher is essentially a tape recorder for your keyboard. Just plug it in and it will start recording automatically. No software to install, and no directories to create. Easy to install and easy to use.

Set-Up Instructions - With no software to install, KEYKatcher products are really easy to use. The Magnum is even easier with Set-up instructions built-in to the menu.

Quick Erase - Erasing memory takes about 4 seconds - faster than other KEYKatcher products.

Multiple Viewing Options - Timestamp's are great for knowing when activities take place, but can make text difficult to read. Viewing options make it possible to also view text as it was typed without the distraction of extra characters.

Custom Password - Parents can customize a password allows you to change the password from the default to a password of your choice.

NETPatrolTM Search - All KEYKatcher products feature NETPatrol for quick and easy identification of web addresses. NETPatrolT automatically identifies all occurrences of http, www., ".com", and ".net" along with surrounding text, making it easier for parents so you can know what web addresses have been typed on your computer.

Keyword Search - Our powerful search utility allows parents to search the memory without downloading the data. Searches save time and allow you to quickly piece together activities.

Battery Meter - Our battery level indicator shows the remaining battery life for peace of mind.


Keylogger for PS/2 Keyboard

KeyKatcher Magnum Keylogger
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No Longer Available
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DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you
want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use.

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