2012 Chat Monitor software Review
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2012 Chat Monitor Software Review

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Parental Software Review for chat Monitor

NetNanny Chat Monitor was designed to help parents deal with such threats. Chat Monitor allows the use of AOL IM and chat, ICQ messenger, IRC, Yahoo IM and chats, and MSN/Windows Messenger: It just lets parents filter and log conversations. All this can be done in stealth mode or with warning messages on violations.


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Software Features

General Feature Overview

Chat Monitor's main screen lets parents block or allow any of the supported IM or chat clients, as well as limit usage times. The simple, tree-based menu lets parents navigate easily and set options quickly.

With a library of over 2,000 trigger words and phrases, parents can filter, block, or receive an alert when a child sends or receives offensive messages. Parents can also enter personal information triggers, such as phone numbers or proper names. You can group word triggers into three lists—High Risk, Personal Information, and Other—and set the program to replace offensive words with asterisks or to shut down the chat when triggers are used.


Every time a child begins an IM or Chat session, Chat Monitor starts a log. The log's header shows the computer name, chat client used, user name, IP address, and software information.

Both sides of the conversation are recorded, along with start and end times. Summary reports show number of sessions, clients used, violations, and total amount of time spent chatting.

Parents can set the program to send summary reports daily or hourly, with or without the conversation logs. Chat Monitor zips long log files together for mailing but gives them all the same date and time, so it's hard to find a particular chat without opening each file.


Chat Monitor takes a step back from the graphical time grid in NetNanny 5, providing a list-based time scheduler. It's still easy to use, however, and lets you sync with the NIST atomic clock, thwarting possible attempts to gain more online time by changing the Windows clock.

Although no filter is a replacement for good parenting, NetNanny Chat Monitor 2.0 helps limit the risk of good children being harmed online.

Additional Information

The vendor provides email support, which can be useful to those who are unsure about how to use Parental Control Software.

By Jay Munro

Chat Monitor Software Review

Chat Monitor
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