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Chaperone Internet filters blocks adult content For Parents
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PC Chaperone Professional

Complete Parental Control over PC use.

PC Chaperone parental controls are designed to give complete control over how and when a computer is used. Parents, employers, government offices, non-profit organizations, and schools in more then two dozen countries have discovered that PC Chaperone offers the most robust and complete access controls available.

Why you need parental controls and Internet Filters

If you answer yes to ANY of these questions you need Chaperone!

  • Are you tired of having to keep track of how long your children are playing games or using certain programs?
    - PC Chaperone Parental Controls let you limit access to any game or program
  • Do you want to limit Internet access to prevent your children from viewing pages with adult content?
    - PC Chaperone Internet Filters filter unwanted web pages and content
  • Do you worry about Internet predators contacting your children through instant messengers?
    - The MSN, Yahoo, and AOL Instant Messenger Parental Controls protect against these predators.

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Parental Controls and Internet Filters for Parents

In the home PC Chaperone's parental controls are the perfect companion to watch over your children when you can't. By combining powerful and flexible parental controls with robust monitoring tools PC Chaperone eliminates many of the dangers and distractions children face every time they use a computer.

Parental Controls and Internet Filters for Parents

In the office PC Chaperone increases productivity and reduces potential liability resulting from employee activities. Distractions such as instant messenger and unlimited Internet browsing can be eliminated. Monitoring tools help identify and address company policy violations. Blocking peer-to-peer file sharing programs eliminates potential liability for employees downloading pirated music. Installations of unauthorized software and unlicensed software, which the employer can be liable for, can be prevented.

The easiest to use parental control software and Internet parental controls available

PC Chaperone's graphical user interface and comprehensive configuration wizard is so easy to use that even users with basic computer knowledge can use it.

Internet Filters

PC Chaperone's Internet filters include pre-compiled white and black lists, customizable white and black lists, and built in category filters. (Internet Explorer, AOL Explorer, Netscape 7.x, FireFox 1.5x).

Internet Activity Logging

Identify risky or prohibited Internet browsing activity using the built-in Internet activity logging tools.

Internet Access Scheduling

The basic PC Chaperone Internet scheduling tools allow control over when users can access Internet browsers. The advanced scheduling tools allow unique domain level schedules that allow different schedules to be set for different web sites. Domain schedules are the perfect way to limit access to sites like

AOL (AIM), MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger parental controls

PC Chaperone includes the most effective parental controls available for AOL (AIM)*, MSN, and Yahoo** Instant Messengers. In addition to allowing advanced scheduling, PC Chaperone gives complete control over which contacts users can have conversations with:
* AIM versions 5.9x only. Support for AIM Triton will be available shortly
** Requires Yahoo Instant Messenger 8.x.

AOL (AIM), MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger conversation logging

The PC Chaperone Instant Messenger conversation logging tools record both sides of any AOL, MSN, or Yahoo Instant Messenger conversation.

Advanced program and Windows scheduling tools

Schedule access to the entire computer or just specific programs. Programs can even be completely blocked.

Group programs to use a common schedule

PC Chaperone allows the grouping of two or more programs together so they share a common schedule or time limit grouping of two or more programs together so they share a common schedule or time limit. No other parental controls offers program grouping, a major weakness on their part.

Prevent changes to the Windows date and time

PC Chaperones date/time protection even protects against changes from other programs and scripts to prevent computer savvy users from changing the Windows date/time by writing a simple program to do so.

Most parental controls leave this loophole open by only removing access to the standard Windows date/time dialogue. Some don't even do this much.

Prevent program installations

No parental control software is effective unless it prevents new program installations, but many overlook this important feature.

Complete support for multiple users

PC Chaperone is completely multi-user compatible. User accounts can even be set to mirror the Windows user accounts, preventing the need for a separate login.


Parental controls are useless if they can easily be defeated by computer savvy users. PC Chaperone is designed to prevent unauthorized users from modifying or disabling restrictions.

PC Chaperone Professional
Parental Control Software

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*CD available for an additional $19.95 (includes shipping)
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DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you
want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use.

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