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iambigbrother reviewIamBigBrother Parental Control Software

Big Brother software new version 10.0 now supports monitoring the latest version of FireFox web browser! Also many new fixes and updates for monitoring web email, instant messages and more.

Monitor your children in Instant Messages, Chats, Emails, Web Site URLs and much more while undetected from the user with Big Brother Spy Software. We test many of these and this is the best low-cost product. Not only do you see what your child types online but what is said back as well. It monitors both incoming and outgoing activity!

IamBigBrother 9.2 Records Everything Secretly:

  • The Best Priced full featured child monitoring software anywhere.
  • Will capture ALL passwords typed.
  • Now records all MYSPACE.COM keystrokes!
  • Records INCOMING/OUTGOING Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL and more.
  • Works in total secrecy... cannot be bypassed or detected by user. Will not slow down the computer.
  • IamBigBrother includes FREE email-based tech support.
  • Record and Monitor Instant Messages; BOTH SIDES of MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger
  • IamBigBrother Software Review

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IamBigBrother Software For Parents

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Find Out What Your Family Is Doing Online! We Record More Than ANYONE!

IamBigBrother Software Features and Product Detail

Do your kids use Yahoo for email? We monitor it! See all incoming and outgoing email for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web and more. Many programs cannot record incoming web emails, like Hotmail or Yahoo. We do! Additionally, the user cannot get around IamBigBrother by clearing cache or history- it gets EVERYTHING as it happens... including PASSWORDS!

Log All Web Sites Visited

See a complete list of all web sites visited with the web page URL, title and time visited. Double-click on any site to visit while online.

iambigbrother software reviewCapture Screen Shots

Another useful feature is to let I am Big Brother capture the screen when certain keywords are typed. If any of the words you setup are typed, IamBigBrother will capture the whole screen and save it for later viewing by the parent. This also works for offline programs too!

Log All Text Typed And Programs Run

Everything your child typed online and offline will be saved. All programs opened will be logged also. Find out everything your child is doing on the computer. This includes finding out your child's passwords!

Runs VERY Secretly

As with all of our monitoring software, IamBigBrother runs in total secrecy, and is very hard to find. IamBigBrother will not slow down your computer, or do anything noticeable to the user. We test many of these, and THIS is the best. You may wonder how you see the recorded information if it is so hidden...all you do is enter your secret password, and IamBigBrother will activate...but only for you! IamBigBrother does NOT appear in the START menu, nor will it appear in the CTRL-ALT-DEL Task Manager.

IamBigBrother 10.0 Software Screen Shots

   Main screen for viewing saved activity. It is password protected and displays activity for any selected day. View any conversation in detail. See both sides of what was said! View the passwords for any program your child uses!

View a list of ALL web sites visited. Also shows sites filtered by keywords and web email saved for viewing.

Screen captures are very easy to view!

Capture screen shots by time or only when keywords are typed anywhere.
Screen can be viewed in full size when clicked


Monitor MSN, My Space, Hotmail, Yahoo Chat's and Emails

Big Brother Software For Parents

IamBigBrother 10.0
Parental Control Software

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DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you
want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use.

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