IamBigBrother Software Review 2012
2012 Review for IamBigBrother Software
Parental Control Software

2012 IamBigBrother Software Review

Big Brother Software For Parents

IamBigbrother v10.0 Parental Software Review

"IamBigBrother is an excellent child monitoring software product. The user design from the main menu is awesome. The designer used colorful icons for each of the applications that are monitored such as yahoo, AOL, and MSN. IamBigBrother is extremely easy to use, as easy as any of the products reviewed."


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Software Features

Feature set:
The 2012 version of IamBigBrother has a stealth option that is hidden from the Windows Task Manager. When the application is running, it always runs in stealth mode, which is a plus if you are always forgetting to put the application back into stealth mode. Another impressive feature that you might stumble upon is that you can click on a date on the calendar icon and it brings up all of the activity for that day.

An additional feature of IamBigBrother was the area where you could identify certain keywords as something of concern. You could add your personal information and anytime anyone mentions that information it is flagged as a problem. You could also add "bad" words.


They could improve this by adding some pre-defined words, instead of making you define each of the bad words.

There is also no way of automating the deletion of the log files. It is not hard, you just have to do it manually by clicking a button.

Ease of use:
IamBigBrother was missing a couple of minor features. IamBigBrother had no Help interface in the application. The good news is that IamBigBrother is so easy to use most people would never need to use a Help button.

Ease of installation & setup:
Designed for Parents, this product is very easy to install. They do offer great support in the event that you have trouble setting up the software.


Monitoring Effectiveness:
IamBigBrother allows you to see both sides of the conversations in Instant Messaging and Chat applications.

You can also see the entire text of both incoming and outgoing emails. There is also a "remote" subscription service available for $9.99 per month that allows you to access any of your reporting from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.

IamBigBrother had no Help interface in the application.

IamBigBrother Review Summary:
IamBigBrother is an excellent product that doesn't impact your computer speed. When you factor in the price, this might be the best value for your money of any spyware/monitoring product in the marketplace.

George La Rosa - 2012

Big Brother Software For Parents

Parental Control Software

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